Higenamine (Norcoclaurine) by Singular Sport

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Higenamine is a fat-burning molecule which functions as a beta-receptor agonist, thus stimulating Lipolysis and allowing your body to burn more fat for fuel.

In this regard, it may be synergistic with alpha-receptor antagonists, such as Rauwolscine.

Ideally, Higenamine should be taken just prior to exercise and, due to it's strong safety profile, it can be combined with pre-workouts which already contain Caffeine, such as Catalyst.

Since it is a stimulant, Higenamine will be most effective on an empty stomach and is a perfect option for enhancing the fat-burning effects of fasted training.  

If you use Higenamine to increase fat-loss during exercise, you'll may also want to consider Amino Beyond to negate any muscle loss and perform better.


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Type: Fat-Burner

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