Affiliate Registration

25% Commission On All Products

Because we're primarily a direct-to-consume business, we're able to offer much higher rates to our affiliate partners than other supplement companies. You make 25% of the total sale price for EVERYTHING on our site. That means if someone places an order totaling $100, you get $25 even. Not bad right?

Even If They Don't Buy Right Away

Even if someone clicks on your affiliate link and they don't buy right away, we track that user for 30 days. If they buy something 29 days later, you still get the full 25%.

Track Your Sales

Once you sign up for our affiliate program, you'll be brought to a dashboard where you'll be able to log in at any time and track your sales. Most sales show up on your dashboard within 5 minutes of the sale, so it's basically real-time.

Automatically Get Paid Via PayPal

Every month, your balance will be automatically be sent to you via PayPal. The exact same amount you see on your dashboard will be paid out every month on the same day. No late payments. No negative surprises.

How It Works

1. You sign up for the affiliate program here. (it's free)

2. You immediately have access to your dashboard.

3. A specialize affiliate link is automatically generated for you.

4. You share the link on your website, blog, social media accounts, or email list.

5. You get paid


To get started, simply fill out the form below.  Once you create an account, you'll be automatically taken to your new dashboard.  There you'll find your affiliate link and various other tools.  

There is no application process or anything.  Just make an account and start making money.