Welcome To Momentum Nutrition!

We make supplements based on science, not hype.  Effective ingredients, clinical doses, no nonsense...

Before we get into all the ways that Momentum Nutrition is different than every other supplement company out there, let's talk about this broken system called "the supplement industry".

Let's Face It...The Supplement Industry Is A Mess!

You see, the supplement industry is supposed to be regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but in reality, the agency has so much on its plate (Food and Drugs) that it can’t effective police the supplement industry.

So, instead of creating an approval process like they do with pharmaceutical drugs—which, by the way, would be impossible to actually execute—the FDA lays out guidelines by which supplement companies are supposed to abide by.

The only thing is that there is virtually no enforcement of these guidelines unless a supplement is linked to multiple instances of serious harm.  

So it’s mostly left up to the supplement brands, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to ensure that their products are effective, safe, and high quality.  And guess what...Very few people follow the rules.

This has given the supplement industry a pretty bad name, and one of our goals at Momentum Nutrition is to change that perception...

The Truth About Supplements

The honest truth about supplements is that there is no magic pill which will make you into superman (or superwoman) over night. 

If you want to get bigger, stronger, leaner, faster, whatever…you need to focus on what really counts before you consider using any supplement.

  • Nutrition - When it comes to achieving the physique of your dreams, nothing matters more than what you eat.  Neglect your diet and all the supplement in the world won’t make any difference.
  • Exercise - The amount of people who are under the impression that supplements reduce the need to exercise is actually quite alarming.  Physical fitness--whether you want to be a Body Builder, professional athlete, figure competitor, whatever--starts with exercise.  You have to train hard if you want to see results.

That said, the skeptical viewpoint which posits that "supplements don't really work" couldn't be further from the truth either.

Physical fitness begins with diet and exercise but there are some supplement which, if dosed correctly, can help give you an edge.

There are loads of studies which prove, without a doubt, that some supplements can help you build muscle, lose weight, recover faster, sleep better, remember more, etc... 

It’s just a matter of knowing which ones work and which ones are nonsense, and the only way to do that is to follow the science.

What Makes Us Different?

Like we said before, Momentum Nutrition adheres to a strict set of principles when it comes to formulating our supplements.  We don’t cut corners, and never will. 

Let every other company rely on flashy marketing and over-hyped pseudo-scientific ingredients.  We like to do things differently…

Scientifically Proven Ingredients

Scientifically Proven Supplements

We only use ingredients which have been researched extensively and proven to actual work. 

Too many supplement companies use ingredients that “should work” but have never been proven to do so, and in all reality, probably don’t.

If the ingredients in a supplement haven’t been proven to work in actual human beings, than how do we know they’re effective?  We don’t.  They’re not. 

That’s just the plain truth.

You won’t find any pseudo-scientific “should work” ingredients in any Momentum Nutrition product.  We use only what we know works, based on sound scientific evidence.

Clinically Dosed Ingredients

Clinically Dosed Supplements

What many people don’t realize is that the dosing of a particular ingredient is more important than the ingredient itself. 

A lot of companies list ingredients on the label that they know “ring bells” in the minds of the consumer, but under-dose them in order to make more money.

You see, when an ingredient has been studied enough, researchers identify what’s known as the “clinical dose” or “clinical range”. 

This simply means the dose (or range) that an ingredient has been proven to be effective. 

For example, the clinical range for Beta-Alanine is 3-6g, with several studies proving that 3.2g effectively increased muscular endurance.

That’s why we included precisely 3.2g of Beta-Alanine in Catalyst, but the same goes for each and every ingredient in all of our supplements. 

Sure, we make less money than the companies that under-dose their ingredients and rip you off but, believe it or not, there will come a day when consumers recognize the difference between clinically dosed, effective supplements and under-dosed BS.


Transparent Supplements

You will never find a Proprietary Blend on any Momentum Nutrition product.  If you check the supplement facts panel of any product bearing the Momentum Nutrition logo, you’ll find that each ingredient is listed along with the corresponding dose, clear as day.

Proprietary Blends—hiding the doses of individual ingredients from your customers—are used for one thing and one thing only: ripping people off. 

If a supplement company uses scientifically validated ingredients at clinical doses, why would they hide behind proprietary blends?  They wouldn’t.  They would tell you exactly how much of each ingredient you’re getting, like we do.

Whether you buy Momentum Nutrition supplements or not, don’t buy anything with a proprietary blend!  Ever!

No Artificial Colors Or Fillers

No Artificial Dyes


For some reason, a lot of supplement companies think their customers want to drink strange blue liquids that contain questionable artificial dyes. 

The same supplement companies that make these products also tend to use a bunch of unnecessary fillers or cheap ingredients to pad their Supplement Facts panel.

Momentum Nutrition, on the other hand, uses no artificial dyes, junk fillers, or unnecessary fillers.  We use only what works and leave everything else out.

Third Party Testing

Third Party Tested Supplements

This is perhaps the single most important distinguishing factor between Momentum Nutrition and virtually every other supplement company out there.  We Third Party Test every single batch of every product to make sure:

  1. It contains the ingredients it’s supposed to
  2. It contains the doses listed on the label
  3. It contains no heavy metals, bacteria, or dangerous contaminants

Most supplement companies just rely on Certificates of Analyses (COAs) from their manufacturer for each ingredient, but that doesn’t prove the manufacturer dosed everything right. 

In fact, it doesn’t proven any of the things listed above.

The only way to actually know, without a doubt, that a supplement contains what it’s supposed to and nothing else is to get it Third Party Tested.

This is simply when a product is pulled randomly form the lot immediately after manufacturing and sent to a chemical testing lab that is in NO WAY related to the manufacturer or supplement company that produces the product.

In other words, they're the only ones who will give it to you straight.  They test the supplement and report the results.  They don't care if you "pass or fail".

What Momentum Nutrition Is All About

In a industry where 9 out of 10 products are under-dosed, over-priced, or just completely ineffective, Momentum Nutrition formulates supplements which contain nothing but scientifically-validated, clinically dosed ingredients with 100% transparency.

It's time we make a chance in the supplement industry.  No more proprietary blends.  No more under-dosing.  No more pseudo-science.

Just safe, effective supplements that actually work!  That's the MN guarantee.