A Letter To Our Fans

August 02, 2015

Momentum Nutrition started with a conversation amongst two friends while working out at the local gym, myself and Matt Theis.  We were having our normal discussions about life, lifting, diet and many other subjects when we came upon the subject of the supplements we were taking.  Jack3d (the original formula) and C4 were amongst the supplements that were in heavy use at the time. I remember telling Matt that Jack3d had begun to have adverse effects on me (trouble sleeping, feeling like I was wearing my own skin, etc.) and I was going cold turkey and getting off of it.

As we did our sets and continued chatting we asked each other why there weren't reputable companies out there making products that are effective, priced well, and transparent. Transparency should be something these companies do just as a way to show us, the consumer, that we are getting what we paid for and the results we expect. The only reason in my mind that there was no transparency was because there was much to hide from all of us. I have never liked the idea of not getting what I pay for. Growing up in Bronx, NY I knew what it felt like to be scammed and I had intense feelings that we were getting scammed with these so called proprietary blends.

We decided we wanted to make a change. We wanted to Change the Game!

Momentum Nutrition’s mission began with us going through mass amounts of research and reading many medical studies, articles, and overall reviews on all the ingredients typically found in fitness supplements and compiling the information.  Organizing and cleaning up all the bunk studies and useless information came after that. 

Once we had solid information, we chose to break ground with a pre-workout supplement. We knew that by giving you a PWO with a transparent ingredient label showing all doses being at their effective levels and only using ingredients that work well without adding any of the fillers, it would throw a wrench into the machine known as the fitness industry. We were correct. 

CATΔLYST was born and once it was out to the market we began to see a following of like-minded people immediately curious about what we were doing.  Our first wave of customers came back to use with stellar reviews and a lot of word of mouth referrals.  Now don’t get me wrong, we started out very slowly but just like a snowball getting rolled down a hill more and more of you began to give us the chance we asked of you and we have grown enough to bring you more.

We at Momentum Nutrition also want you to know that you are incredibly important to us. We have not and never will stop studying and searching for new research on the next ingredient to bring to you. We are completely committed to you. Keep that in mind when you see our next product (which is coming much sooner than you think). I am promising all of you that it will not only be the most effective product you have seen, but it will likely make a case for a new category in the supplement industry!

Another facet of our company that is incredibly important to us is communication with our followers, customers, and supporters. We do all we can to answer every single Facebook message we get and while it does get overwhelming at times we love every minute of it. We do not want to be just another company out there without faces. Keep a lookout for our bios and some good video footage of us. It won’t always just be supplement related it will be us in every way, our hobbies, lives, experiences and more.

In closing, I would like to begin by thanking all of those who tried to tell us we couldn’t do what we are doing, who told us the industry is too ingrained in proprietary blends and hidden dosages, and especially those that told us that Change the Game was a nice thought but couldn’t come to fruition. Without these people we may have not pushed as hard as we do.  I have used this as fuel to continue to push myself in making sure we take care of everyone who not only cares about value but also cares about their gains/progress/results!  Last but not least, and most importantly, I want to personally thank all of YOU, our followers, our fans, and all of you whom believe that what we are doing is a breath of fresh air into an industry that was running stagnant in the ways of old.  We wake up every day to do this for you and for all of those like you whom have yet to discover us.

Thank you for the opportunity to Change the Game for you all.


Eddy Villalobos


Momentum Nutrition



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