Why We Don't Make Unsubstantiated Label Claims

February 11, 2015

One of the first things people tend to notice when they see Catalyst for the first time is the distinct lack of label claims on the packaging. Most users of pre-workouts are used to seeing things like “Explosive Energy!” or “Lazer-Sharp Focus” right on the front, but we make none of these types of claims…on purpose.




Well, the answer that question is rooted in our company’s philosophy. If you’ve visited the About section on our website, your aware that consumer education is extremely important to us. We’d rather educate our customers about HOW and WHY something works, rather than just blindly assure them that it does.

You see, when a company places a claim on their product like “Explosive Energy”, that company is expecting you, the consumer, to take their word for. But what does that even mean? A claim like “Explosive Energy” cannot be substantiated because it’s completely ambiguous and doesn’t really mean anything!


Rather than make some unsubstantiated claim that doesn’t even really make sense, we prefer to breakdown the science behind each ingredient.


Pre-workout supplements boil down to the ingredients they are comprised of. There is no magic, just science (or a lack thereof, in some cases). Explaining the “why?” and “how?” behind each ingredient is really the only way for your understanding to develop a solid understanding of what makes a great supplement.

Any claim we make about any of the ingredients in our formula can be easily verified by following the links we provide. We would never, under any circumstances, ask our customers to “take our word” for something.


Our Vision:


We envision a future where, rather than reading the claims on the front of the packaging that say what a product is “supposed to do”, you (the customer) simply flip it over and look at the Supplement Facts, then draw your own conclusions about what it's capable of. This vision can only be accomplished through Education, and that is why educating our customers about what makes a great pre-workout is our top priority.

We’re confident that one you come to such an understanding, you will naturally reach for CATΔLYST.

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