January 16, 2015

In our last blog post we discussed the reasons why we don't use proprietary blends, but we left something out.  One of the best parts about using a fully transparent label is that it makes price comparison not only possible, but easy!  When you look at the actual numbers, its pretty obvious that CATΔLYST provides higher doses of key ingredients when compared to competing products, but how does it compare to mixing your own?

Mixing Your Own Is Usually Cheaper

The most common criticism of any supplement which contains multiple ingredients is that its usually cheaper to buy those ingredients seperately and mix them together yourself.  Most companies will try to sell you on the convenience of having all the ingredients pre-mixed and flavored, and try to convince you that convenience is worth the premium...

But We're Different!

CATΔLYST is not only more cost effective than competing pre-workouts, its also MORE cost effective than buying and mixing the ingredients yourself!  This is, of course, assuming that you're buying in reasonable quantities.

To illustrate this, we headed to Amazon and grabbed the prices for the 9 individual ingredients found in CATΔLYST.  


Below are the prices we used:




We then calculated the cost/gram of each ingredient, multiplied that by the amount/serv in CATΔLYST, and compared the total cost to the price we sell CATΔLYST for here:



How is CATΔLYST less expensive than mixing the ingredients on your own?

Simple...we buy A LOT of ingredients!

When you purchase these ingredients seperately, you're typically going to be purchasing small amounts, perhaps up to a kg depending on the ingredient.  When we purchase these ingredients to manufacture CATΔLYST, however, we're buying VERY large quantities.  This is true for any company, but the difference is we pass the savings on to our customers in the hopes that they will recognize the TRUE VALUE PROPOSITION that CATΔLYST offers.


The Bottom Line
We don't belive in charging our customers for convenience, even if it's worth something. A pre-workout should be less expensive than buying the individual ingredients seperately, and that is how "true value" is created.  We hope this post was helpful in understanding our views on pricing and what constitutes true value.  Feel free to Contact Us with any further questions...

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